Instruction’s Manual

Neck installation procedure

1) Loose the strings.

2) Locate the tailpiece.

3) For Caribbean Series Basses Only (Wood Body) Place the tailpiece wire around the wood end pin collar.

4) Remove the 5/16″ brass dowel from the instrument’s body or find it in one of the gig bag’s pockets.

5) Insert the neck in the instrument.

6) Locate the hole in the neck where the Brass dowel will pass and match the holes in the body with the neck’s dowel hole.

7) Insert the brass dowel to keep the neck adjusted to the body.

8) Use a hammer to gently (carefully) tap the dowel in one side until the dowel is in place.

9) For Composite Series Basses Only (Fiberglass Body)

Insert the Allen Screw in the tailpiece’s holder and give it a few (clockwise) turns.

String height adjustment procedure

1) Install the bridge.

2) Tune the instrument to pitch.

3) Remove the chrome metal plug from the back of the instrument using a flat screwdriver.

4) To raise the string action: (HIGH STRING ACTION) Use the provided 3/16″ Allen key and turn the Allen bolt clockwiseto the desired string height.

5)To lower the string action: (LOW STRING ACTION) Use the provided 3/16″ Allen key and turn the Allen bolt counterclockwise to the desired string height.

4) Once you have finished the adjustment remove the Allen key and put back the chrome metal plug. Pickup Adjustment The pickup in your instrument has been previously set to achieve the best possible sound.In the event that you want to adjust the pickup:For Passive Electronic Systems (No Battery)1) Connect your instrument to the amplifier and turn on the amplifier.2) Locate the two Allen bolts besides the steel disks (diaphragms) where the wood bridge rest.3) While plucking the G string, adjust (clockwise) the right allen bolt until the sound or volume disappears.4) Do the same procedure playing the E string and adjusting clockwise the left allen bolt until the sound disappears completely.5) Begin turning counterclockwise the right allen bolt while plucking the G string until you hear the best sound.6) Do the same procedure with the left allen bolt while plucking the E string.For Active Electronic Systems (Battery Activated Electronics)1) Remove the pickup from the instrument.2) Each Bartolini Preamp Module contains a Trim pot. The trim pot is a small square potentiometer with three terminals.3) Use a small flat screwdriver and locate the adjustment knob in the trim pot. Adjust it clockwise or counterclockwise until you find the best sound.