Ray Ramírez Basses

Caribbean Series Elite
Capa Prieto

 This piece of art is built using the finest Puerto Rican Capa Prieto hardwood which has the perfect match of color and resonance for the most demanding bass player. The sound and growl of this instrument is unparalleled. The  sound definition from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch is very clear and warm.

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Caribbean Series Elite Basses are  more sculpted than designed,  the Caribbean Series Elite is immediately set apart from the rest
of the electric upright basses, with its elegant and dynamic design, the perfectly proportioned body surfaces and hand selected beautiful woods makes the Caribbean Series Elite Bass a top of the range saloon instrument.

The  Caribbean Series Elite Electric Upright Bass offers the versatility of a lightweight and a beautiful instrument. The wooden body contributes to the exceptional sustain and growl in the sound of the instrument.

The body of each instrument consist of hand selected air dried not endangered woods. Each body is hollowed to make it lighter and more acoustically resonant.  The neck of each instrument is made of the same wood used in the body  to match the wood of the body while providing more stability and sustain.  The neck can be easily adjusted for optimum string height when playing. If you are planning to travel with your instrument, the neck can be easily removed.

Each instrument is individually hand made by Ray Ramírez, giving special attention to the finest production, detail, quality and rich deep unmatched sound.


  • Neck:
    Various woods depending on wood selected
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Maple
  • Body:
    Various woods depending on wood selected
  • Finish: High Gloss Urethane
  • Scale Length: 41 1/2 inches
  • Tuning Machines: Hipshot or Schaller
  • End Pin: Ebony Hardwood w/
    brass collar and metal tube.
  • Tailpiece: Ebony
  • Nut & Saddle: Ebony
  • Strings : Thomastik
  • Electronics: Custom made Diaphragm magnetic pickups. The
    controls are passive for volume and treble.


  • Display & Stage Stand (Add $45.00)
  • Personification of your instrument. Click here to see example
  • Call for custom modifications and woods
  • Book with CD  “The Swing of The Latin Bass” $19.95 





  • ACTIVE ELECTRONICS  Prices includes Piezo bridge pickup and Magnetic/ Piezo Blender circuit in addition to the preamp system that you select. With the Blender circuit you can select between: Magnetic, Piezo or both sounds at the same time.


BARTOLINI NTBT PREAMP($375.00) – 2 band (Bass & Treble) Cut & Boost. Controls includes: Master Volume, Pickup Selector (Blender Pot), Bass-Treble (Boost & Cut) Concentric pot. 9 volt system (1 Battery).or add $50.00 for 18 Volts system(2 Batteries) for more headroom.

  • BARTOLINI NTMB PREAMP($425.00) – 3 band (Bass, Midrange, Treble) Controls includes: Master Volume, Pickup Selector (Blender Pot), Bass, Midrange, Treble (Boost & Cut) pot.  9 volt system or  add $50.00 for 18 Volts system.


Aguilar Amplification has emerged as one of the top manufacturers for high-end bass amplifiers in the industry.

  • AGUILAR OBP-3  ($425.00) The OBP-3 was built from the ground up to be the ultimate source of full-bodied tone, transparency, and versatility for your bass. Three bands of boost/cut and a selectable midrange frequency provides flexibility to dial in just the right tone. The treble control delivers up to 16dB of boost/cut at 6.5 kHz and captures the dynamic of a “Passive Tone Control” when rolled off. The powerful midrange control offers user selectable frequencies of 400 or 800Hz, each with a full 16dB boost/cut capability. The midrange retains constant bandwidth in any setting so there is no “muddy” frequency overlap. The bass control features a boost/cut of up to 18dB at 40Hz, adding Aguilar’s signature thickness to any instrument. Combining high headroom and low noise, the OBP-3 is unmatched in providing tonal flexibility while retaining the true character of any bass. 9 volt system or 18 Volts

Call or email us  for custom modifications and woods.

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