Welcome to Ray Ramírez Basses


This website has been radically developed and modified with the Bass Player in mind to bring the information and details about the instrument that you has been looking for long time.

The Bass of your life. Excellent Craftsmanship, Awesome Look, Exceptional Sound, etc...  are some of the keywords that describe the Ray Ramírez Basses. From the very first note you play, you will discover the pleasure and personality of a Ramírez Bass.

We are glad that you visit our site. But what really would make us more glad, is to know that you feel like in home in this website. So we have built a website that's a lot like our Basses. Fun and exciting to play. Easy to get. And finally irresistible in the pleasure of performance.

At Ray Ramírez Basses we are committed to build the best Basses, as you are to being the best performer. Our goal is to bring you an unique
hand made instrument  that will let you express your feelings and obtain the unequaled degree of playability that you deserve.

Ray Ramírez blends carefully selected seasoned woods, fiberglass composites, hardware and electronics to make an instrument we are proud to offer and you can be proud to own.
Our instruments are made completely by hand on a one at a time basis. Ray Ramírez Basses are not mass production instruments.

We feel the instruments listed at this site are our finest efforts to date and we will continue to add more examples of instruments built.
Countless hours spent in researching, developing and refining our instruments, have resulted in instruments that feels, sound, and perform to the highest music standards.

Enjoy your visit.


Ray Ramírez