Frequently  Asked  Questions

1) Do you personally build every instrument body and neck?

Yes, I do. Every Ray Ramírez Bass is made from the beginning to end by Ray Ramírez even the diaphragm magnetic pickup. You won’t see a Ramírez Bass that I haven’t build. All carving is made by hand.

2) If I don’t see and option or special request that I would like in my instrument, Can you include that?

Just let me know what special requests you want in your instrument and I’ll try to do the most possible to make your dream come true.

3) What kinds of hardwoods you use and where they come from?

We use hardwoods from different parts of the world.  For fingerboards and tailpieces we use Indian, Gabon and Maccasar Ebony that comes from Africa. For Necks and Bodies we use:  Capa Prieto, Majo, Cedar, Mahogany, Guaraguao, Maga that comes from Puerto Rico. Hard rock quartersawn Maple, Curly maple, Tiger maple that comes from United States. Bubinga and Zebrawood from Africa. Purple Heart, Pau Ferro and Imbuia from Brazil.

4) Is the Wooden Bass better than the Fiberglass Bass?

This is a question that many players ask and the truth is that both Basses are really good. The wooden Bass gives you a sound with more acoustical qualities since the body is hollow and it acts as a resonance chamber. It resembles the Double Bass in reference to the acoustic sound, although the instrument is designed to be used with amplifier. On the other hand the fiberglass bass body is not hollow since it consists of an internal foam insulation that acts like a mute to damp any resonance and at the same time offering a more percussive sound suitable for Latin Music.

5) Don’t you think that your instruments are a bit expensive?

Our instruments range from average price to the expensive because we use only hand selected tropical timbers, american and african hardwoods, the same ones your Bass will be made of if you order it in United States. We use only american maples, we import part of the woods employed for the instruments we produce and along the years we’ve not only selected the best woods but also the most reliable suppliers. The shipping charges and applicable taxes to transport the wood has become very high and this cost finally is passed to the client. But we have tried to keep the prices friendly. It’s a quality/price rate matter. As I already said we use only the best materials and woods no matter the price. This kind of quality costs very much.

6) Do you also repair or maintain instruments not made by Ramírez?

Yes. We do all kind of repairs in all instruments.

7) Where can I test or find the closest dealer for Ramírez Basses?

Sorry. We have no dealers because we prefer to deal directly with the client. Many of my clients feel afraid at the time of buying an instrument that they haven’t test or heard before. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. Moreover, every NON CUSTOM RAMIREZ BASS is accompanied by a 7 day trial period.  The shipping charges paid at the time of shipping are not refundable. An additional restocking and administrative fee of $300.00 will be charged to all returns.  Caribbean Series Basses are not returnable.

8) What kinds of woods are used in Ramírez Basses. Please email me.


9) I currently own a Baby Bass and the sound is weak. Can you upgrade my pickup.

Yes. Email us.

11) Can I pay the Bass COD?

Sorry. We don’t ship COD. The full payment amount plus shipping amount should be paid prior to shipping the instrument.

12) In case of return will I receive the full amount paid?

No. The shipping charges paid at the time of shipping will not be refunded. An additional charge of $300.00 will be applied to all returns.

13) Do you use UPS (United Parcel Service) for shipping.

No. We only use FEDEX or DHL.

Unfortunately we have confronted several problems of instruments that have been damaged during shipment by this company.  All the instruments that we ship by this company are insured but they use faulty excuses to avoid paying for repairs or refunds on damaged shipment. This company is not trustable.